The Angels

Sarah O’Flaherty

Hair Guru

Founder of Angels on Earth & SaGrah LUXE hand-tied extensions | Master IBE extension stylist | Blonde & Dimensional hair specialist.

Sophia Parmeter

BoHo Braid Bar | Bridal Updos

Sophia graduated from Orange-Ulster BOCES in 2020 and is a licensed cosmetologist. She is currently working alongside Sarah O’flaherty assisting/training to run her own chair. Sophia has loved doing hair for as long as she can remember. From braids, to blowouts, bridal styles, curly hair etc. She is now booking clients for the Braid Bar and is working towards her goal of specializing in dimensional blondes. Sophia is passionate about her work and is determined to have every client leave her chair feeling their most confident selves. Her favorite part about working at Angels is coming in every day and seeing everyone’s energy, and that everyone has a smile on their face. She learns something new every day from each and every stylist. She can’t wait to build herself up as a stylist and continue growing here and showing off her work!

Rachel Herrera

Eyelash Extension Specialist | Makeup Artist

Rachel loves the connection she gets to make with people while doing lashes and makeup. She enjoys being able enhance her clients’ natural beauty so they feel natural, but they still feel pretty. Rachel says her favorite part about her job is “the connection you get to have with people but also the organization and the tedious planning”. Rachel loves the professionalism at Angels, and how “the second you walk in the door everyone’s so happy that you’re here. Whoever it is we’re happy they’re here. It’s like a little family”.

Jill Reynolds

Hair Extensions, Balayage

Jill became a stylist to make people look and feel better about themselves. She feels that looking your best on the outside isn’t purely superficial, but that it has an effect on how we feel on the inside. When you look good, you feel good! Jill’s favorite thing to do as a stylist is extensions, because giving someone longer, fuller hair is a true confidence booster. Women leave crying happy tears, because their thin, fine hair is now the hair of their dreams and they feel beautiful. Jill says it’s the best feeling making someone feel beautiful inside and out! Jill loves being an Angel because she feels the Angels are a family. She says, “we work side by side every day, we help each other and are supportive of each other. We are a team. A team of women. It’s not always easy working with women, but the ladies at Angels on Earth are amazing”!